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Eric Lichtbach

Feb 2012

We are upgrading the 2007 Wrangler JK Unlimited Rubicon Four Door.

After having one OEM transfer case explode on us less than two years ago on Interstate 5 bewteen Stockton and Sacaramento on our way to the Jeepers Jamboree on the world famous Rubicon Trail, and our second OEM transfer case go dry on us on the way to the King of the Hammers earlier this month we are installing a Atlas four speed transfer case manufactured by Advance Adapters.

We choose this model Atlas after having Scott Corjiat explain how the low, low gears work. Scott knows we take our Jeeping seriously and travel the more intense family trails from coast to coast and then drive home to Los Angeles. Scott's father Richard along with John Partridge were the founders who built Advance Adapters. Scott runs the manufacturing operations. A point of interest is that Scott worked at Olympic as a teenager. Once upon a time, back in the eighties our families enjoyed camping and four wheeling. Today Scott and Johns son Mike Partirdge run Advance Adapaters and we are still enjoying getting togetheir at off road events and four wheeling.

The Atlas transfer case is used by many professionial off road racers and rock crawlers, the flexiabilty it offers is exceptional. We will be able to move the vehicle differently and better position it to egress through tricky obstacles. By putting the rear end in low gears and leave the front end in nuetral with the tires up aginast a obstacle, you can get the vehicle's rear end to move sideways in a manner of speaking and with some practice realign your front end, then lock up the front end and progress up the trail.  

With the use of low low gears you have a choice of using when needed at the most extreme ascending uphill angles. You won't nervously depress the brakes at which point you have little to no real control of the vehicle's forward motion. I cant wait to crawl severe upward angles with the combination of the Atlas and the Rock Krawler Transmission oil pan with a pick up that keeps the transmission from going dry. Having your transmission go into neutral and your jeep slip backward in a free fall - you cannot stop and if you do hit your brakes you will for sure find your vehicles rear brakes try to grab hold of something and the jeep fall backwards onto its top, and turn into a turtle stuck on its back. No, no don't touch those brakes.


2011 has already started off as a great year of four wheeling.

Jan 15: We had a great time at the Southwest Crawl in St George Utah,
 We did some awesome Jeeping, almost rolled the four door Jk over backwards. Thanks to a lot of experience and instincts developed over many years of four wheeling we keep her belly down by leaning her weight into the driver side which brought her down from a 90 down vertical position and let her roll backwards into safety. In other words doing  lot of fast praying, keeping your foot away from the brake and when she just slightly tilted forward grab the steering wheel and turning it passenger to throw her weight forward and down, thank the jeep god it work.
This happen because she got to vertical and the automatic transmission couldn't keep the trans oil pumping. I lost forward motion and slid backward she slammed into to the ground resting her total weight on the Receiver Hitch of the Smuggler Bumper, I'm so thankful we made this bumper as big and as heavy duty as it is, it saved the jeep that is for sure.
The trip was truly memorable thanks to the friends we were able to spend time with. Judy and I have develop a special relationship with the Crabtree family and the members of the Rock Alcoholics, we truly enjoy these folks superior hospitality. Our special friends Angelo and Jeanie who my brother David and I have been running the Rubicon Trail with for the last 15 years, came over from Sacramento to run the St George trails with us. I had been saving a  fine bottle of 15 year old Scotch Angelo had given me five years ago making it now twenty years old. We have not been able to get together to enjoy this bottle of liquid haven as Anj has been busy traveling around the world protecting our butts from the truly bad guys. Newly retired from keeping all of us safe here in United States I figure there was nothing more special than celebrating this man being home for good, safe and sound with his loved ones. I also figured I would let him know how special his friendship is by showing up with what I had been holding for five long years. The essence of flavor and aroma that leaped from that bottle was incredible. The friends we all make on the trail is what makes four wheeling so special. Please fight to keep Americas land free and open to all of us. Get involved with your jeep club, the blue ribbon coalition and fight or what is ours, fight for the future generations.
We wheeled on both Friday and Saturday, some folks went out on Sunday but we had to get back home to Los Angles so we sleep in Sunday, stopped in Las Vegas to check on a George Richardson a Jeeping friend since childhood and where in our own bed before midnight.
I recommend the Southwest Crawl to everyone the country is gorgeous the folks putting on the event have their act together and it just gets better every year..
Feb 2011 King of the Hammers

We had gone out to the KOH last year to see what all the ruckus was about and was very impressed with what we say. As we say a lot of Jeepers out there. So this year we decided to have a spot in the vendor’s tent and spend most of the week their ad were glad we did. The desert fills up with spectators; it becomes a huge cloud of dust that covers Johnson Valley. Our spot in the vendor booth was next to Advance adapters who we visited with Scott Corgiat who I have known all his life. Like Olympic Advance has lead the way with innovative products their newest item a four speed transfer case is awesome. I showed Scot our new Tire carrier that opens with the tailgate and he was very impressed.

Thursday all the racers line up in Hammer town an you can get as close as you want to the buggies and talk t the driver. We ran across a coupe we have meet traveling around the country and enjoyed visiting and wishing everyone a safe race. I’m not one of those guys who is all about winning. I’m all about living and participating. To me being part of it and having a good time is winning. Anyone can stay home on the couch and bitch and moan and make excuses. Get off the couch come out and have a good time if you’re in the stands our in center field, just participate.
Olympic doesn’t own a buggy don’t think we will , my brother and I enjoy trail riding, but I know a young lady who is a Rock Crawler and like she told Shannon Campbell before he won the race I will be competing with you in a couple of years, he smiled at her. She is 16 hr name is Ashleigh Crabtree and let me tell you boys something in a few years hang onto to you steering wheels. You sponsors out there looking where to put your money she’s the one. Olympics hard earned bucks will be on Ashleigh Crabtree.
The King of the hammers has become a world event; we meet teams from all over the world including Iceland, Italy, Germany and Japan. It was very exciting to be there and to shack hands with four wheelers from around the globe.
It is a experience I’m happy we participated in and I invite you all to join us next year.
 2010 Olympics' Adventures from Coast to Shining Coast
We had a great time on our tour of the Sourthern States, the folks we meet were very nice, southern hospitality is alive and well.
Special thanks to John Jones of Atlanta Georgia and Van and Carole Woodell of Roanoke VA. for taking us in and sharing there homes. It was very nice to not be in a hotel and have a place to do our laundry and truly relax in a home atmosphere.
Olympic takes its Wrangler JK on a tour of the South, from Florida thru Georgia, Tenn, the Carolinas to Virgina..
We will visiting these locations and invite you to come meet part of the Olympic Crew and see our Wrangler Jk with our Duo Directionial Tire Swing and Smuggler Bumpers that lower the spare tire to the ground.
There will be free stuff for those who come by to say hi.
May 13-16 Daytona Beach Florida Jeep Beach
May 18 Morris 4X4 Pompono Beach Florida 5;00 pm
May 20 Savannah GA.  Sceaming Mimi's Pizza 7:00 to 10:00 pm 513 E Oglethorpe Ave. 31401
May 21 Atlanta GA. Suburb of Roswell Fortec 4X4 830 Ellis St. Roswell GA. 30075 5:00 pm, come early if you want.
May 24 Bristol TN. RPM Off Road 1804 Volunteer Parkway ph. 423 573 3330 5:00 pm come early if you want.
May 26  Fayetteville N.C. Performance Off Road 594 S. Reilly RD. 28314 ph. 910 487 5964 5:00 pm, come early if you want.
May 27 Roanoke VA Weathers Automtive on Airport . 5:00 pm but you can come early if you want. come early if you want.
You do not have to have a reservation or nothing, but dont be bashful if you're thinking of coming to one of these events please let us know eric@olympic4x4product.com or 800 777 0878 if you would like Olympic to visit your store or 4WD Club meeting let us know.