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Sierra Rack Extension Tube

Sierra Rack Extension Tube

Reg: $49.99
Save: 40%
The Reinforcement Tube comes with the Sierra Rack. You only need it if you lost, misplaced or bought a used Sierra Rack and you did not receive it from the seller.

This is the tube that slides into the tube that is welded to the flat plate that fits behind your spare and over tire lug bolts. Once its in position you slide the Sierra Rack tube that's welded to the bottom of the Sierra Rack over it.
Part # 904-404-1
Weight 5.00 lbs
Part Numbers and Finishes Available Black 904-404-1
Jeep Model All Jeep Wranglers
Jeep Year 1978- current model Wrangler
Made In the USA Made in U.S.A.
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The reinforcement tube strengthens the weight capacity of the assembly system.