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The opportunity to move came up very quickly. To take advantage of it required us to move at lighten speed. Within days we where loading fifty foot containers with finished product and work in progress. We apologies for the delays this has caused in processing your orders. Credit cards are not charged until time of shipment. Any order received after Dec 21 has not been charged. Your orders are being held and won’t be charged until we are ready to ship them. We apologies for the problems with communications over the last couple of weeks. Our new phone lines will be in within a few days. For many company's today moving means giving your over seas makers a new address to ship to. Olympic 4X4 Products manufactures all it products. It is an extensive operation that includes tube bending machinery, punch presses, iron workers, speciality welding equipment, milling machines. polishing lathes, four different kinds of metal cutting saws and a specialty aluminum cutting saw. There was over fifty pieces of machinery to move. Approximately 50,000 feet of round, square and rectangle steel tubing of all sizes and dimensions. Tons of flat stock and sheet metal. Having been located in the same property since 1981 the collection of hardware, cartons, classic Cj accessories was expansive. A history of automotive aftermarket innovative and product development. Quit frankly we under estimated the magnitude of such a move. It is taking more time than anticipated due to the volume of American manufacturing machinery, materials and paperwork. The last time we moved was 1981 it is indescribable the amount of man hours and equipment it took to load the the trucks. 14, fifty foot containers. We had crews working around the clock. Christmas and New Years came and went. After three full weeks, it took another three full weeks. Now comes reorganizing inventory, work in progress for a 100 products. It will take a team of electrician to set up all the machines. We will get it done and your patience and brand loyalty will pay off. We look forward to introducing the many product enhancements we have planned and new, exciting products to enhance and protect your Jeep function and style.

We can be reached phone 760-979-2088.